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Wedding Backdrop

Wedding backdrops has been a major trend for a while now. It doesn't seem like its going away no time soon. Adding a backdrop to a room can really spruce it up. This picture was taken at the Venetian in Garfield, NJ. If you are not familiar with this venue you are truly missing out. It is truly beautiful from the inside and out. My bride decide to not only host her wedding reception at venue, but also the ceremony. She really wanted to incorporate more intimate and romantic atmosphere. We decide to add a backdrop. My bride trusted me handle all the details. She wanted to be totally surprised when she walked in the room. The Venetian is well known for its beautiful chandeliers, high ceiling , and amazing foyer. When I contacted Katherine from Hall Rentals Supplies to do the backdrop. We decided that it would be best to include the chandelier in the middle of the backdrop. Boy! did that work out. It created that romantic and intimate atmosphere the bride wanted. As the bride and groom stood under the canopy(picture below) during the wedding ceremony it was just dreamy. We also, added floating candles along the aisle to tie in that romantic feeling. So if you wondering if you should add backdrop to a room the answer is yes! Because it will definitely add that wow factor! If you looking for assistance with planning your upcoming wedding be sure to click the contact button.



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Click below of some my favorite draping for weddings

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