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Totally sleighed 2019

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Recap of 2019

The past twelve months have flown by, right? I know if sounds cliché. One minute I was ringing in 2019 in a blink of an eye we are about to enter into a new decade.

Here is a recap of my 2019 in nutshell

I started off my year my attending my friends “Own your Vision” vision board bunch. It was absolutely amazing. There were so many amazing moments and things that was birthed out of that vision board brunch.

I am so excited about attending her next one in 2020. If you are interested follow her on IG @ispeak.qirafreee.

For the past few years I have hosted my own vision party with some of my closest friends. To shares some of the things that came out of the vision board party. Marriages, jobs, businesses etc.… God does exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ask for and think.


Let me share one of things I had on my vision board for 2018 was I wanted to have my own office space. That pray was answered on January 2019. Happen 1 year after putting it on my vision board. The key to vision boards is that you have faith and believe on what it is you are asking for.See a picture below from my 2019 vision board. Once I accomplish something I put on my vision board. I always put the month and year it happens. I also, wrote "mission accomplished" which was cut off in the picture.


Next, I planned some amazing weddings in 2019. All the brides that worked with was beautiful inside and out. I shared some great behind scenes moments with my bride. Those moments are forever etched in my heart.

I was able to work with two photographers that I admire their work. I love photography. To be able to work with these two women behind the scenes was everything I expected it to be.

Jean Ralph Thurin- who is a custom wedding dress designer whom I worked in the past. He started hosting events for brides called say “Yes to sketch” I was able to be apart it. It was something else I cross off my bucket list for 2019.

Up next!!!!I meet ex-NFL player Victor Cruz.(pinch me) I got to plan his fabulous mother’s wedding to DJ Frankie Cutlass. I mean I was like God, this what we are doing!! Yah!!! The wedding was at The Grand formerly known as the Bethwood. If you have not seen the newly renovated Bethwood you need to schedule a tour asap. They have a showstopper elevator that comes up through the floor for the bride and groom grand entrance.

Everything was everything we expected it to be. The planning experience with now Mrs. Malave was the best.

The pastor who facility the wedding was A.R. Bernard. I was blown away by his level of humility and how nice he was. (if don’t know him you need to google him). He came in said, this moment is about the bride and groom. He wanted us all to focus on that.

The power of your thoughts- I was secretly wanting to go to Woman Evolve in Denver. I just didn’t know how was going to get there. I love love Sarah Jakes Roberts. Don’t you know one of my closet friends called me up said, I am taking you to Woman Evolve

because you need to be in the room. I never even told her that I wanted to go. (like wow) This was just a thought I had.

Somehow God used my friend to give me something I wanted.( its called Favor) We had the best time. She was so right I needed to be in the room.

It gets better-One of my bride’s was surprised with a live performance by Haitian singer Alan Cave whom I love!! I had not seen him perform since I was in my 20’s. You are probably asking how old is Natasha? 42.. Yup 42!!! He sounds the

same… Epic performance … Yes I am Haitian .

I had the opportunity to coordinate a wedding at the Park Chateau .Something else I was able to cross off my bucket list. Let me tell you the service is epic. There service is the creme del a creme. Everyone on staff is absolutely and positively the best. If you are getting married their you need to request the head bridal attendant Zee( she is the

Nyoka from nyokamoncrieffephotography took our first ever professional full family portraits. I say full because my children have taken pictures together professionally but not with me and my husband. I mean the location she picked in Rutherford was absolutely beautiful. I mean the day we took the pictures it was the coldest day ever in November. She was very patient. When I saw the pictures, I had so many emotions. I was so happy!! She was able to capture the essence of our family. I can’t wait to hang up these pictures in our new home. If you looking for photographer for your wedding or family portraits contact her.

As I wine down to the last couple of days in the year 2019. Wedding season is over. I have been in a very quiet place. I am actually took some time off of social media. I needed to be still and hear clearly to hear from God. After 7 years of having a nonprofit which giveaway prom dresses and shoes away. I let it go to pursue new adventures. When I started the non profit I didn't even know I was capable doing something like that. I just ended up finding out one day I had Purpose. I didn't know there was even such a thing until I hear a sermon. I felt like a light bulb went up in my head. I was like I have to find out my purpose. All I did was ask God . He revealed it to me. Funny thing about purpose I was doing it all along. Helping women to feel confident , beautiful and styling them.

All I did is apply that to my non profit and also, to my wedding planning business. My purpose lead to my passion(wedding planning). I am so grateful God trusted me with a non profit. I am in position to help someone else pursue their dream in building a non profit . I was able to give this person all the donations I have collected. Every one needs someone to help them cross over. I was happy to be of help. I will write a follow post to share the organization information just in case anyone wants to giveaway dresses and accessories.

If you are trying to figure out what's your purpose look at some of the things that come naturally for you to do. Or just ask God he will reveal it to you! It's just that simple!

What's next for me in 2020 planning more weddings, purchasing our new home, more blogging, videos, traveling and venturing into bridal accessories. Wishing all of you very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!



Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us Eph 3:20

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