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Show-Stopping Affordable Wedding Shoes

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

I thought it was about time that I share a fun-yet informative post . Why not blog about wedding shoes/brides shoes. If you know me, you know I love fashion. I especially love affordable stylist finds. I am picky about shoes now a days. When I was younger I would just buy shoes because they were cute. As I grew older, I realized that cute does not equal comfortability. Shoes have to be comfortable and built to last. I don't mind spending money on some top notch shoes that will last me a very long time. That’s an investment!!! That being said, why pay more if you don't have too. I am all for a great deal! There are some amazing wedding shoe designers that make quality bridal shoes for less. I am all about stretching my Shmoney!! Weddings can be very expensive. Check out my top picks and video below.. Leave a comment below on which shoes are your favorite.

Here are the links where to purchase the shoes from left to right

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