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We turn every moment into lasting memories.

Behind  the  Gown  Experience

 A   Dream Come True!

We started making our wedding plans two years ago, in the thick of the pandemic. With the stress of being newbies when it came to wedding planning coupled with the ups and downs of the pandemic, the future outcome of our special day was uncertain. That all changed when Natasha Civil came into our lives. From the first meeting, Natasha automatically made us feel like we were her main priority. We mapped out our dream wedding and she brought it to life. Natasha is honest, responsible, trustworthy, and above all else, she is incredibly professional. We could go on and on about the positive traits that Natasha embodies because the list is truly endless.
As a creative visionary, Natasha was our number one cheerleader and supporter when it came to making our dreams a reality. We didn’t feel like just another couple on her resume. Instead, we would compare our experience with Natasha to something like the royal treatment. She consistently made time for us to discuss everything from logistics and decor to song selection and cake tastings. Whatever we didn’t think of, Natasha was there to fill in the blanks. We truly appreciated all of the knowledge, experience, and expertise Natasha was able to bring to our wedding planning experience. We weren’t just planning a wedding with Natasha, we were embarking on a fun adventure that only made our excitement and anticipation leading up to the actual wedding date grow.
When our wedding day arrived on March 20, 2022, it exceeded our expectations and we have Natasha’s stealthy behind-the-scenes management to thank for that. She went above and beyond for us to ensure everything ran smoothly with our vendors, the venues, and our wedding party so as to not disturb our wedding day experience. It has been a couple of weeks since our wedding and the compliments haven’t stopped rolling in.
We can not thank Natasha enough for all that she was able to accomplish for us. In the words of the great Tina Turner, ”You’re simply the best, better than all the rest”. You are amazing and an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything!

Mr. and Mrs. Fraser

The Grove
Mr. and Mrs. Roberts
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