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23 Ways to Protect your moMEnts in 2021

Permission to Bloom

Take risks

Eat pizza for breakfast( for all those who know about my air diet! Its okay to live on the edge once in awhile)

Embracing the gray hairs.. It’s okay to let them show

Your home doesn’t always have to prefect

It’s okay for the kids to take late showers on the weekends

Saying No

Think Bigger

Sleep more

Stop spending time with people who deplete you. Save that energy for your family and yourself

You don’t have to be strong all the time.

Sorry I can’t make.

Release yourself from social media pressure

Toss the wig once in awhile -Wear your natural hair more.(use edge naturale to keep your edges in tact)

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Being Present

Put down your phone

Less texting more conversations

Its ok not to be ok

More day trips

More laughs

Read more books

Being content

Bonus: Pray and meditate

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